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Reviewed By: John K
Location: ,

Comment Nine years ago, Comfort Keepers installed a Noritz tankless hot water heater at our home. No problems with the water heater until a recent Friday morning when there was no hot water. Left a message for Comfort Keepers and Mike contacted us quickly. He came out to the house and diagnosed the problem. The spark assembly needed replacement. He did not have the part on hand so he contacted Noritz and was told they did not have the part in the Chicago area either and it would have to be ordered. Mike was not happy with that response so he contacted other contractors and plumbing supply houses. The answer was the same; the part was not in the Chicago area. Mike again contacted Noritz to find out our options. The part could be ordered but would take 4-5 business days for shipping; one-day or two-day shipping was available for an extra charge. After discussing the options with us, we requested one-day shipping and Mike immediately placed the order. Unfortunately for us, one-day shipping on a Friday does not include weekends and we would not get the part until Monday. As soon as the part arrived, Mike contacted us and repaired the water heater. Very happy with Comfort Keepers and Mike's attention to detail and customer service. Not so much for Noritz!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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