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Purchasing a new air conditioning system can be a nerve wracking decision. We are here to make that process easier for you. Stay comfortable and cool with top-of-the-line air conditioning systems that you trust provided by Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers are experts in air conditioning service and installation, we have had the opportunity to see thousands of systems in actual use (and sometimes, shut down) and we will only recommend the very best and most reliable brands. We don’t recommend brands just because those companies do a lot of advertising and public relations! We will recommend brands for your home or business that we know and trust from the inside out!

What does Efficiency Mean to You?

Cooling systems utilize a significant amount of energy, but with the right system, it does not have to be costly to cool a home or business. However, here is where you, as the customer, must be very aware of where you buy your new air conditioning system and the system that is being installed. The best measure of efficiency is the Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating or SEER.

What does SEER mean? At its very simplest, SEER tells us that for each unit of energy an AC system uses, the system will put out a certain amount of cooling. The more efficient the system, the more cooling it will put out for each unit of energy that is used. In a way, SEER is similar to miles per gallon with your car. If one car, gets 10 miles per gallon, and another gets 30 miles per gallon, we know which car is more fuel efficient.

With SEER, the government assigned ratings to different systems starting in January 2006. The minimum SEER a new air conditioning can have is an SEER of 13. The better systems range from 16 to as high as 23.

However here is where you must be very careful. The more efficient systems, with a true SEER, are made to match the energy used by the outdoor compressor with the output of the indoor unit. Cheaper units (and frankly, the somewhat underhanded manufacturers and installers who sell them), will match a poor outdoor compressor with a small fan to achieve the SEER of 13. In other words, the system may seem fine on the outside, but it is never enough to meet your needs. In the end, these types of systems cost a lot of money to run, put out less than ideal air, and have a huge carbon footprint.

At Comfort Keepers and as NCI certified professionals, we only install air conditioning systems that reflect a true SEER that will be reflected in lower energy costs and greater output. We are very serious about our responsibility to our customers.

Contact Comfort Keepers now to find out more about our variety of energy efficient, premium air conditioners that will make your home or business a cool place to live or work!

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