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Comfort Keepers: Expert Air Conditioner Repair by Certified Technicians

Even the very best air conditioning systems in Chicagoland can get fatigued from the summer heat and require repair. Seasonal damage is something we cannot predict but can be prepared for annually. Cooling systems need attention and Comfort Keepers' experienced professionals are trained to diagnose and repair your air conditioner effectively.

Our HVAC techs are trained to service and repair any make or model of central air conditioning system made. As we repair your system, we are happy to make suggestions concerning improvements that can potentially be made to improve your overall cooling system; we never just fix a part and then walk away. We want to help you improve the overall comfort of your home.

When we repair or routinely service your air conditioning, we always suggest using a breakthrough product called Zerol™ Ice air conditioning lubrication. In numerous tests, Zerol has been found to reduce energy costs, improve SER, make the system quieter and extend the life of your current system. This improvement alone can have a great benefit in improving your system. Let our NCI-trained technicians keep your air conditioner running at peak level.

Have You Heard About Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are the most interesting heating and cooling products to have come onto the HVAC scene in years. Heat pumps are able to “extract” cool air from hot air and hot air from winter air. In the summertime, during Chicagoland’s hot and very humid weather, heat pumps draw the hot air out of upper floors, attics and crawl spaces and carry it outside and draw in cooler air. The exchange takes place in a reservoir or “well,” and though it sounds like science fiction, heat pumps really work. The trick here is that heat pumps require more set up, maintenance and are initially more expensive than conventional systems. However once they are set up, they can save significant amounts of money in terms of energy costs. Heat Pumps require the kind of expertise that Comfort Keepers, Inc. can offer. We are always pleased to talk about these incredible products.

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