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High Velocity Air Conditioning in Lake Zurich, IL Area 

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High Velocity HVAC

Comfort Keepers has grown up with high velocity air conditioning, and our certified technicians have become known for their knowledge on indoor high velocity air conditioning systems. We can help you evaluate the best high velocity systems for your home or business and to give you estimates on costs.  Although there are many high velocity systems on the market, and after repairing and servicing nearly all of them, we recommend and install only two brands: SpacePak and Unico.

Why a High Velocity Air Conditioner May be Perfect for Your Home

Conventional or low velocity systems, are the systems installed in most new homes and businesses. These systems are characterized by ductwork to circulate cooler air.  With high velocity heating and air conditioning systems, cold air goes directly from the outdoor unit directly into the room or rooms.   The Unico and SpacePak high velocity systems don’t use standard ductwork but tubing. In older homes or older commercial buildings the labor and expenses of putting in ducts is enormous. The flexible tubing for high velocity systems for air conditioning can be run inside walls, below floors and in other tight spaces.

In addition to their use in older structures, the SpacePak and Unico high velocity systems are very complementary with radiant heating

High Velocity Air Conditioning: The Fastest Way to Cool a Room

High velocity air conditioners are fast, yet contrary to belief they use a lower air flow. They work faster because they take a direct cooling approach. In addition to rapid cooling, high velocity air conditioners remove more humidity than low velocity systems. This is an especially valuable feature as the system may remove up to 30 percent of the humidity very rapidly.

What both the Unico and SpacePak systems can offer is spot cooling. For example, on a warm evening, the high velocity system can spot-cool the children’s rooms. High velocity air conditioners are very quiet and help everyone in the home to sleep a little better.

Please don’t hesitate to ask Comfort Keepers for more details on high velocity air conditioning and its many advantages.

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