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The air ducts are responsible for moving hot or cold air from your heating and central air conditioning system to all of the rooms of your home or business. We take the air ducts for granted but when those air ducts are damaged, they can wind up costing us thousands of dollars in energy costs. As an example, a leak of 30 percent in a return duct can lower the heating or cooling efficiency of the system by 50 percent. A loss of efficiency means extra energy costs to compensate for the leak.

NCI Certified, Comfort Keepers technicians have the most up-to-date measurement tools to measure how much air goes into each room. For example, static air flow pressure hoods to determine the pressure throughout the ductwork. If they find the ducts are not delivering air properly, there are several ways to remedy the problem from removing damaged ducts, to sealing the joints to adjusting the fan speeds. We have the expertise to make the ductwork of your home or business to be as efficient as possible.

A Note of Warning on Sealing Air Ducts

Inexperienced HVAC companies or Do-It-Yourself home or business owners sometimes believe the best way to regulate air flow in the ductwork is to completely seal off ducts to improve air flow to the others. Sealing is a dangerous practice and can often make a bad problem much worse. Sealing may cause a back draft in the flues which can lead to carbon monoxide problems.

Let a professional evaluate and fix your ductwork. Comfort Keepers has the expertise and the equipment to fix any ductwork problem you may encounter.

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