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Energy Shield in Greater Lake Zurich Area 

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Consider an Energy Shield Attic Blanket, Not More Insulation

In terms of the overall comfort of the home, most HVAC companies never mention the heat of the sun and what it can do to the central heating and cooling system. Comfort Keepers, Inc. looks at the whole home in evaluating the efficiency of the system and we always try to make recommendations as to ways the overall energy usage can be improved.

The very latest technology in reducing heating and cooling costs is the Energy Shield™. Think of it as a space blanket for your house. Both sides of the “blanket” are made of 99.9 percent of pure polished aluminum with a transfer space in the center. The Energy Shield is placed in the attic or crawl space; it holds heat in the winter and reflects heat in the summer; in fact, it transfers up to 97 percent of the radiation. It makes your existing insulation better and in fact, there is a faster payback in terms of energy savings with Energy Shield than with waiting for a payback after installing expensive insulation.

Energy Shield: It’s about saving you Money

Comfort Keepers, Inc. recommends Energy Shield because it saves you money.  In fact, it can save you anywhere from 20 percent to 40 percent on your heating and cooling costs. In addition, it prevents moisture build-up, reduces stress on the system, makes for a more comfortable home environment and ultimately increases resale value. For more information on the advantages of using Energy Shield in your home, please contact us.

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