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Whole House Humidifiers in Greater Lake Zurich Area 

Whole House Humidifiers in Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Palatine, Mount Prospect

Whole House Humidifiers

Humidify for Health and Comfort

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It has been said that the winter air in a Chicago home can actually be lower in humidity than the Sahara desert! As homes have become tighter and better insulated, and central heating and cooling systems more efficient, humidity has severely dropped. While the level of humidity in a home is a matter of personal preference that YOU choose, very low humidity can lead to several problems.

Low humidity causes health problems. Research shows that low humidity leads to an increase in colds and flu’s, asthma and allergies, and dry skin and rashes. Low humidity also makes your house “sick.” Low humidity can crack wood and leads to window frame shrinkage, door shrinkage, cracked wooden floors and it can even cause wallpaper to curl.

Low Humidity Solutions 

Comfort Keepers, Inc. has been installing whole home humidifiers in homes throughout Chicagoland for many years. Is it expensive?  Here is a little known fact: in a very short time, a whole home humidifier pays for itself. Higher humidity leads to more efficient furnaces; higher humidity means lower energy costs.

Comfort Keepers, Inc. installs only the finest brands of whole home humidifiers including Aprilaire, Honeywell and General Aire. These systems consist of two main components: a humistat, which regulates the humidity levels and an in-furnace humidifier that adds moisture to the warm air.

A whole house humidifier can be retrofitted into virtually any HVAC system for an immediate improvement in air humidity levels and an improvement in the health of the family and the home its

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